Gary Brown, Ph. D.

Licensed Psychologist/HSP
Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychology
University of Tennessee
Martin, TN 38237
Phone: 731-431-1160

Gary Brown


Dr. Brown received his undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University in 1966 and was awarded a Research Fellowship in Medical Psychology, receiving his Ph.D. in 1970. He spent 38 years at the University of Tennessee at Martin, 24 as Chair of the Psychology Department where he published over 30 journal articles as well as several books and eBooks. He has maintained a part-time private practice since 1970. In 2007 he retired from the university because the “autism epidemic” had expanded his practice and required his full time attention. Dr. Brown has been married for 51 years and has two daughters and four grandchildren.

Dr. Brown maintains a research program exploring the etiology (causes) for autism and has an app development start up to aid in a higher quality and low cost method for aba therapy.


Treatement plans are specific to each child, not one size fits all. ALthough we specialize in the treatement of chidlren, we offer life-long treatement plans. We often help transition a patient from a school setting into a work setting. "Kids" ages 1-73 have been treated in our clinic.

We also offer separate tutoring services to improve academic skills.
  • Behavioral Management
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Academic Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Behavior Problems in neurologically impaired and normally developing children
    • Potty Training
    • Following Directions
    • Tantrums
    • Aggressive Behavior
    • Self-injurious Behavior
    • Fears and Phobias
    • Social Problems
    • Attention Deficits
    • Hyperactivity
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Feeding Disorders
    • Sleep Problems
    • Stress Management for Parents
    • other Behavior Problems

  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • 38 years as Professor, 24 years as Chair of Dept. of Psychology at University of Tennessee at Martin
  • Licensed Health Care Provider- which requires annual CEUs
  • 40 years of experience as a practitioner
  • Published research in the field
  • Developed a desensitization procedure for swallowing and choking phobias used as protocol at the University of Florida Medical School
  • Designer of Apps for clinical use (Dr. Brown’s Apps)
  • Specializes in Autism and other behavioral disorders
Work Experience
  • Full-Time Private Practice since 2007
  • Professor and Chair of Department of Psychology at The University of Tennessee at Martin, 1970-2007 (part-time 2004-2007)
  • Consultant
    • Primary and Secondary Schools
    • Community Development Services
    • Developmental Disability District
    • Tennessee Early Intervention Program
    • Volunteer General Hospital
    • Cane Creek Head Trauma Unit
    • Infant Stimulation Program
    • Other private agencies and individuals
  • Ph.D. Texas Christian University 1970 (Psychology)
    • Recipient of Research Fellowship in Medical Psychology from the Rehabilitation Services Administration
  • B.A. Texas Christian University 1966 (Psychology)
    • Research Assistant, Institute of Behavioral Research at Texas Christian University

  • Tennessee Psychological Association
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Sigma Xi
  • Psi Chi
  • Who’s Who in the South and the Southwest 1976-1977

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